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Mariellen L. Kristol received her Acupuncture Physician, and Oriental Medicine Training in Gainesville, Florida.  She integrates her knowledge of Chinese Herbology, North American Herbs, Amazon Herbs, and therapeutic grade essential oils into a system of energy medicine that is practical and effective for professionals.

She lectures extensively throughout the United States on the value of herbs for people and for animals.  Mariellen notes that it is common to perceive our body as a combination of isolated parts rather than as a living, breathing, adaptive, continually growing organism.  As she focuses on our knowledge base on these unique botanicals, and expands participants’ knowledge and consciousness, she assists them in recognizing how our bodies are highly integrated, changing daily,  and how the herbs are instrumental in the healing process.

Mariellen teaches how we each have an innate intelligence that orchestrates this complex physiology to work together. To develop optimal performance, she teaches how it’s useful to nourish, maintain or rebuild all systems of the body at once.  The body systems she addresses are the Reproductive / Endocrine, Urinary / Bladder, Circulatory, Muscular-Skeletal, Lymphatic / Immune, Nervous, Respiratory, and Digestive.  The outcome of Mariellen’s lectures is that participants understand the major role of each of the body’s systems, and how the American Herbs and Chinese Herbs support these systems.

Mariellen has presented many workshops in the area of intuitive healing.  She is a popular presenter of her “Seven Steps to Dream Interpretation” workshop.  She specializes in visualization techniques and clinical hypnosis for Wellness, emotional, physical and spiritual healing, stop smoking, and weight control.  She is trained in NLP, and has unique expertise through her business practices and psychology background as a motivational and sales performance consultant and professional coach.

She has held Instructor Certification, State of Florida, by The Commission On Criminal Justice Standards And Training.  She has presented over fifty Mandatory Recertification Trainings and Advanced Trainings to the Florida Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement since 1986.

Mariellen specializes in Professional Development Trainings, Supervision & Managerial Trainings, Human Diversity — Gender, Ethnic, Cultural Sensitivity Trainings, Women in Management, Stress Management, and Team Building.

In addition to her healing professional activities, Mariellen has been in charge of marketing, coordinating, facilitating, and follow‑up evaluation for Professional and Personal Growth Seminars at the ATI Counseling & Healing Center & Kristol Healing Center since 1985.  She has been a successful entrepreneur and was the only woman in Jacksonville to have her own multi-line property and casualty insurance agency.

Mariellen and her husband Dr. Bruce Kristol, Clinical Psychologist, designed and implemented the Cultural Diversity Instructional Program for the President’s Task Force of Florida Community College at Jacksonville, creating the survey materials, conducting interviews and data collation on the total college staff with a sixty percent return.

Mariellen custom designs trainings to meet the individual and varied needs of corporate groups within their unique work environment as well as in “retreat setting.”

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