Women facing labor and delivery, especially for the first time, are sometimes fearful and anxious about the process. Pregnancy-related physical discomfort can increase the mother’s stress, causing her to become even more tense and unlikely to have a positive experience. Mariellen Kristol, a holistic healer, Acupuncture Physician, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, offers sessions designed to address these issues and pave the way for calm, peace and serenity—not only during birthing, but throughout the entire pregnancy and afterwards.

After an initial assessment, Kristol designs customized sessions that might include acupuncture, guided visualization, hypnosis, intuitive counseling, and/or dream interpretation. For those who prefer it, she also offers needleless acupuncture. Some of these modalities are designed to retrain the subconscious to avoid behaviors that detract from overall wellness. Others are designed to release endorphins or rebuild the body’s immune system. Kristol cites experiences of clients who have had beneficial results from her therapies. “It is making my heart sing,” she says.

Although acupuncture and oriental medicine can be utilized to address pain, illness, and can aid the birthing process, she emphasizes that the practitioner’s goal is to keep the client healthy. The emphasis is on prevention. She cautions that it can take up to a year to restore the body’s natural balance and reap the full benefits of adhering to an appropriate regimen. If you are planning a pregnancy in a future, it is never too early to prepare your body!

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